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Affairs of the Mackintosh

A lovely collection of mackintoshes, capes and all things latex, the highlights of which are an Ivory surfaced trench mack, grey klepper, South Bucks blue cape, Tierney green and white polka dot and finally a shiny black Mac Mac rubberette mackintosh and anorak all worn and modelled by Caroline.

Running Time: 45 mins

Layers of Mackintosh

Susie enjoying the hot summy sunshine of Spain decides to try on a collection of mackintoshes and capes.

Starting with all of them she slowly strips off each layer to reveal the mackintosh or cape underneath.

To check that they are fully waterproof she ducks under a shower to show how the water glides over the surface of the cloth.

A glorious afternoon with lashings of water and rubber.

Fifty Shades of Rubber

Mistress Lucy has her personal slave for the day. After cleaning the hallway her next task to wash her mistress in the bath, dress her in rubber skirt and corset and then have her chores checked.

Alas rubber slave does not do as she is told, after modelling a collection of macks and capes she is made to bend over and take her punishment.

Followed up by bondage in a rubber body bag and left to wait...

Her last punishment of the day is a walk in the park with wrists tied and made to model for her mistress's amusement.

A Very Vintage Collection

Join us as Gilly tries on a selection of traditional mackintoshes and capes from the makers of yesteryear.

Such as Mac Mac, South Bucks Rainwear and George West of Regent Street...

She gives us a running commentary of how they feel and it soon becomes obvious how much she’s enjoying wearing them.

Cape or mackintosh, Gilly gives us the ultimate low-down in old-school rainwear.

Join us for a trip down a rain-soaked memory lane!

Running Time: 60 mins

The Water Pot

Susie and AD indulge in plenty of rainwear frolics so expect plenty of mackintosh and cape action.

AD spends a fun-packed afternoon in the flat with little helper Susie, who’s rewarded with some bedtime bondage action.

Capes and mackintoshes help make this the ultimate fetish journey, a must for RubberRainwear fans.

Running Times: 60 mins

Lucy Mack's Adventures

Four different mackintoshes, one to go out shopping, then a red one by Weathervain to cool off a bit and to do some household chores. Who ever would have believed that washing up could be so erotic but to be followed by a yellow slicker from way back in South Bucks Days is nostalgia indeed.

Come into the garden in Blue Nylon silk rubberised by Hamilton and to finish off with a very remarkable sequence with a garden hose playing on a lovely SBR mackintosh from Weathervain.

In this macmerised film we show you some of the most enchanting rubberised mack sequences by the most enchanting lady Lucy. The opening shots in in scene one are breathtaking in their simple sensuous acts in rubberised satin by South Bucks Rainwear. Even when she comes indoors to ‘cool off a bit’ the life this lady puts into simply ‘putting on a mack’ is really enchanting. A classic SBR mack gets a good soaking inside and out, then when its good and dripping with the raindrops glistening like diamond chips, see how Lucy brings it even more to life. The flapping noises are music to our ears.

This little film is really a ‘must have’ for anyone searching for the very best in implied mackintosh erotica.

Running Time: 50 mins

Three Black Macks

Bedside Glories - The thrill of blue mackintosh bloomers and the soon to be conjunction with my black satin trench mack.  Hayley is captured and captivated and enswathed in the interplay of mack bloomers and mack mackintosh lined in ultra smooth rubber, complete surrender to the point of the climactic.

Let the Train take the Strain - For the journey to Camberley park: the musical strains of rustling rubber!  The carriage is the catwalk for the eventual assumption of her favourite SBR.  Perhaps Southwest trains one day will have a South West Sou'wester as their logo.

A walk in the Park - And in gleaming sunshine the interplay with gleaming black SBR framed by the tree colonnade, now what do they remind you of, those tall straight trees.  And 'Oh Mother Kelly's Doorstep' there is a smoke screen and through the enchanted mists comes the third and most wonderfully smooth mack: Black satin lined with delicate black rubber.

Up to Homeward Bound - And tightly bound at the neck by the throat strap, yet see how the swirling folds of this final and ultimate mack swirl and fold.  

God and Goddess's - Medusa turned all those who gazed upon her to stone, but Hayley can bring the stone statue to life with her mackintosh arts, as a latter day Samson and Delilah.  The graven image is indeed tantalised by the mackintosh adornment.  Hayley in her element in temptation and abuse - real and imagined.  Oh what a web we perceive when first we practice to make believe.

Running Time: 50 mins

Mactastic Vol 7

After getting totally drenched in her average raincoat Susie decides its about time she bought herself a proper mackintosh! She makes sure she’s properly prepared in her rubber clothing before putting on her new mack.

Susie tried on a selection of beautiful Hamilton Classic mackintoshes and Capes, she has a new one delivered each time, oh the joy of finding a new package at the door!

An opportunity to go outside with her new cape brings on another wave of pleasure, with some extra layering to make sure she’s totally waterproof.

Susie finishes off back in her bedroom wearing her black bloomers and her pink latex komono, the perfect way to end the day.

Mactastic Vol 6

Hayley wears a selection of Mackintoshes and Capes from Hamilton Classics.

Beautifully modelled indoors and outside. Also a very sexy scene where she strips off in the shower wearing a black SBR mackintosh.

Running time: 46 mins

Rubber Maid in Spain

Join Hayley in Spain for some sunshine rainwear action!

The sun might be high in the sky but the action’s firmly on the Spanish soil, as Hayley wakes up, wearing blue rubber pyjamas. But that’s not enough for her, and she’s soon putting on a matching blue mack, followed by a cape.

Staying indoors isn’t satisfying Hayley’s rainwear desires, and she’s soon out in the Spanish sun wearing her matching blue mack and cape.

She’s soon out of that and into a rubber maid’s outfit – after all, there’s plenty of cleaning to be done!

The hot weather means it’s time for a rest, and after a short while Hayley’s got her boots up and enjoying a refreshing drink by the pool before cleaning that and getting thoroughly wet through. Glad she’s wearing her trusty SBR mackintosh!

Runnung Time: 1 hour 10 mins

Wet Mackintoshes

Susie’s back from shopping and, surprise surprise, she’s treated herself to some new rainwear. But firstly, it’s time for a refreshing glass of bubbly. Standing in the kitchen Susie quaffs the bubbly, before relaxing in the sitting room.

Still in the mackintosh, Susie enjoys the touch and sound of her coat, which she takes off to reveal a rubber dress. It’s time to try out the new purchase, and Susie unwraps the parcel to reveal a new black mack! She’s captivated by the look, the sheen, the smell, the sound. Soon trying it on, Susie tightly belts the mack and puts up the hood – and looks sensational!

Macks aren’t just for indoor wearing, and Susie’s out in the rain, wearing the mack and sheltering under a groovy ‘70s clear umbrella. She’s soon relaxing by the pool….

The rain’s tipping down, and Susie decides she needs to enjoy the rain in a satinised rubber cape. Sitting in the rain, Susie enjoys the sound of the rain drumming off the cape’s material.

Back indoors Susie’s soon in a rubber catsuit and mask – but there are jobs to be done – and soon she’s in the pool cleaning it, while wearing SBR waders and mackintosh. It’s just another day for rainwear lover Susie!

Running Time: 1 hour

Mactastic Vol 5

Hayley’s out and about in her lovely light blue mackintosh. And while the scenery’s great, she’s captivated by the raincoat. It looks and sounds
sensational – and she can’t escape the feeling it gives her!

Her outdoor fun’s soon interrupted by a ‘phone call – Hayley’s new mack has been delivered to her flat. She’s soon rushing home and there, at the front door, is the parcel – containing the new mack!

Once unwrapped, Hayley’s enjoying her new coat – the look, the feel and the smell all captivate her. Soon she’s back outside, wearing the green, fully-belted mackintosh – and spots another mackintosh wearer on the other side of the lake…

Soon back at home Hayley’s on the sofa reading a mackintosh story and, to get into the swing of things, is wearing a long rubber mackintosh. She reads us the story too.

Reading over, Hayley decides it’s time for a long SBR cape, which she removes to reveal a matching mackintosh.

For rainwear fans, this DVD is must – particularly for those who like their macs in any colour – as long as it’s not black!

Mactastic Vol 4

Initially “Just a Walk In The Park”, Hayley is fully protected in the new style Olivia mackintosh. Oh yes I can remember when all macks were like this, khaki with a greenish rubber lining. So practical for my purposes, and wildly exciting to the touch, is this really just a walk in the park. Yes you people I always have a pair of rubber gloves in my pocket ...well, you never know do you!

....and you never know what I shall be wearing next, thats always a mystery, and I just feel so wild about the mystery of a mackintosh cape, so white on the outside and so rubbery grey on the inside. Its so loose that it slithers all over me as if it has a mind of its own. I am told this cape is called Regina, because it is so like the cape the Queen herself used to wear once upon a time. This is so silky and shuddering over me that a park seat looks a welcome break.

An Emerald Isle and an emerald idyll, this so delicate rubberised mack. “When I walk, When I talk, It’s the Irish in me, Makes me walk, Makes me talk with a difference you see”. As for the cute rain bonnet I feel a bit like a leprechaun. Everything is so feminine in this Hepburn style mackintosh, and it is of course waterproof LOOK I’ll show you! How cool, and refreshing!!!

.....but rubber on the outside is just as waterproof. Oh my darlings just look at the supple
quality of my super SBR Fontaine style mack.....even the blossoms are in love with it. If the powers that be ever made anything better they must have kept it to themselves! I cant take much more of this wild excitement so perhaps it is time to go to bed, to sleep, perchance to dream of even wilder walks to come.

The shape of things to come! So wonderful to lie down and dream wild dreams. Please don’t tell anybody what I am doing, I simply cannot help it. Its just enchantment gone mad, and the
rubber knickers make it worse and much better. Please AGAIN don’t tell anybody what I am doing, and I simply have to have another mackintosh to rustle and stroke me and exhaust me further on to the wild side. EXHAUSTION !

Girls and Mackintoshes

We find Jackie washing up in her rubber gloves, wearing her extra long, soft, blue satin mack from South Bucks Rainwear. A knock at the door and she greets Hayley wearing a black satin mack with commanding buttons, buckled belt and generous red rubber lining.

Jackie decides to wear a long, golden, satin, zip fronted mack with black lining topped by a lovely hood beneath a matching golden cape to keep out the weather and prying eyes from Hayley in a swishing red satin mack with black lining made by Weathervain. A surprise – Hayley has been watching and we see both girls in their red macks. We also get to admire the dual purpose mack and cape especially made by Mac Mac of Beaminster in the softest red satin.

Indoors comes a range of delights featuring: a double breasted red rubberized nylon mack and a trench, with all the features, in red satin with thick, black, rubber lining both from Weathervain.

The blues again, both exquisitely tailored: two macks in the best satin from South Bucks Rainwear. The girls try them on gleefully.

The girls take a walk outside wearing a full skirted black mack in rubberised nylon from South Bucks Rainwear. Hayley wears the favourite black satin mack with red lining.

The same black nylon mack is complimented by a black cape in the same material from the same stable; they admire the favoured black mack with red lining and then enjoy fully covering it with a green cape in rubberised satin.

Running Time: 1 hour 10 mins

A Hard Days Work

Act 1: WARDROBE MISTRESS - What to wear for today’s works of mischief! SBR or the traditional rubber lined mackintosh. They all feel so lovely, but it has to be her rubberised ST olive green in silk.

Act 2: THE WEARING OF THE GREEN - All of a rustle she sets off, and how to tease the passers-by at the bus stop. Perhaps they will put up a road sign saying “Danger Rubber Lined Mackintosh Ahead”.

Act 3: TO LUNCH PERCHANCE TO DREAM - Alone in the garden there is time to dream of a mysterious black mackintosh with hood & caped shoulders. Wanton and imaginatively evil in such a fantasy mack.

Act 4: DAYS OF WINE AND ROSE - A rose coloured latex cape,time to relax in and pursue her favourite subject as displayed in the latest edition of Rainwear Revisited, doesn’t it make you sigh and sigh.

Act 5: OVER BEARING OVER LATEX ...OVER AND OVER - Is she overdoing it? who cares, it is so complete! Perhaps she prefers latex twice as much as mackintosh material.

Act 6: FINALE - Rubber knickers complete the working day, but slowly and surely, sensuously and seductively, with self satisfaction to self and the supreme, so so silkily smooth. If my friends could see me now!

Running time: 50 mins

Rubber Graves

A more racy mackintosh movie featuring Susie in her SBR mack and cape, but also shows her taking a walk in a graveyard where she puts on her face mask and later you see her tied up on her masters bed.

Running time: 65 mins

An Eightsome Rubber Reel

Susie wears a selection of Hamilton Classic Mackintoshes and Capes.

Running time: 65 mins

Susie's Rubber Fantasies

A collection of Weathervain satin mackintoshes and capes, provided by a rubber enthusiast.

Susie is seen at home, walking through the forest and getting on a train before heading back home again.

Running time: 1 hour

I think the film works well with some excellent editing, certainly very different to your other films. The mute opening is actually quite intriguing and gives the discovery of the mystery figure in the wardrobe, (who is also the cameraperson of course) great impact. The long tracking shots are very exciting showing the flowing excitement of rubber and satin to perfection. I loved the slow loss of focus before becoming sharp again, very tantalising.
But for me the sequence in the train is the highlight. It reminded me of my youth trying to get as close as possible to someone wearing rubber lined raincoats without being noticed. It's something that I'm sure will ring true for many rubber sexuals like myself who started their passion for rubber rainwear in the late 50's when women wore them all the time and it was easy to get a seat on the bus or train next to a rubber mac and surreptitiously touch the hem. When Suzie revealed her shimmering red satin mac and began pleasuring herself I had to come.
The shot inside the train was one long take, very enticing knowing Suzie had invited her friend (and us) to watch her. The shot became mesmerizing with the rhythm of the train over the track in the background. Very classy stuff Ayshea! More?

Cape Capers

Take two cape-loving girls, give them a whole choice of capes and the result is Cape Capers. Join our young ladies as they enjoy the sensual, all-enveloping feel of latex and PVC capes that have been sourced from all across Europe – exclusively for this DVD.

Mandy and Sarah take us through a day in their cape-wearing world. We see them in their house,
shopping, walking to the park and enjoying a picnic. Along the way they change capes several times, enjoying a variety of colours, lengths and materials...

Act 1: The day dawns, and Mandy’s in a light blue polyester summer cape, made by an accomplished French raincape specialist. But perhaps that’s not the cape she wants, so Mandy changes into a red and blue check hooded, high-collared cape. Fun and frolics are just around the corner...

Act 2: Sarah’s on her way to Mandy’s, dressed in a delightful German-made, floorlength, orange cape. On the way Sarah savours the sound, and her mind’s on the day’s activities.

Act 3: It’s time for tea in the garden at Mandy’s, and the girls try on a selection of capes, including a Lakeland elements’ cape in tan, and a dark green summer cape made in Germany.

Act 4: The girls decide the weather’s good enough fro a picnic, but they’ll still wear their capes! They take a trip to the greengrocers, after which it’s time to head off and make up a fine picnic. You can sense their excitement!

Act 5: Picnic made, Mandy and Sarah are off to the park, ready to enjoy the food and each other’s company. They can hardly wait…

Act 6: Our cape-clad girls play in the park, enjoying the feel of each other’s capes. And yes, they’re in new capes – a Lakeland Elements, thigh-length creation in deep burgundy, and a very dark red
German-made cape. The excitement’s too much for Sarah, as we shall see!

Debbie's Tactile Treasure Hunt

Act 1 – The contents of the blue Peugeot are so becoming, for a working girl. She is so proud and so
delighting in her rippling full length blue lightweight waterproof. The flower of rubberised beauty, as the admirable admires the flowers, and sheer beauty becomes more beautiful than the flowers
themselves, perfume and adored slinkiness. The entrance and the first instructions.

Act 2 – As instructed Debbie assumes the rubber uniform of house maid. There is thrill and excitement as she resumes her own blue mack superior to complete the attire of subservience, a combination which is timeless and an attire from which she will never tire. How can she concentrate on her tasks, and is pleased to receive her next treasure hunt clue.

Act 3 – What are the contents of the wardrobe? The reward is a retreat into a silver lilac mackintosh full lined in black rubber, and the reverie of black latex accessories to respond to the satin mack. Revered, reviewed and resplendent, the special accessories after the fact. Debbie is prostrate in her shimmering silver mini mack. Retreated, reposed, relaxed and rapturous. House work is remote.

Act 4 … and the fourth letter directs our delightful mackintoshed Diva to dust and dust, and to dust in the encumbrance of a swirling rubberised cape. This vision which ‘out Scottish Widows’ the Scottish Widows advert, soon finds that dusting is not so much as exciting as the gentle dusting of the rain capes rubber lining on her skin, and the cavernous hood face framing brushing her soft hair. The scene brings us down from the storm clouds of delirium to an additional shiny protective black PVC creation ‘all
glitter and gleam make somebody dream’ … underneath that occluding cape.

Act 5 – The black ‘Hussar’, the black SBR – and Debbie rustling and heel clicking on the wet terrace. The complete mackintosh outfit, and in its natural element. The mackintosh rustles and the birds themselves join in to sing its praises. Perfection and completion. Fate has nothing more to give which exceeds these sparkles, spangles. See how they gleam, subtly and softly to completion.

Mactastic Vol 3

Act 1 - A satin green collection from Weathervain consisting of jump suit, mackintosh and cape with a black rubber lining. Ensuring almost complete enclosure, a joy to view and an even greater joy to wear!

Act 2 - A long, bright yellow close fitting belted mackintosh from Weathervain.

Act 3 - A full cut soft rubberised satin cape supplied by Sealwear hides a red satin mackintosh, beneath which is revealed a dress in the same material, lined in black rubber, both specially made by Weathvain.

Act 4 - A blue satin collection from South Bucks Rainwear; two rustling macks and a cape to match in midnight blue which shimmers in the sunshine.

Act 5 - A voluminous dress in grey/light blue latex is topped by an equally generous cape, both supplied by Sealwear.

Act 6 - In the pink: a skirt below and a slip above are both covered by a matching dressing gown tied with a fun 10 foot belt. All in pink in the softest natural rubber from Hampden House Trading.

Act 7 - A classic off white rubberised cotton mackintosh and light cape which swirl beautifully - from South Bucks Rainwear and George West of Oxford Street respectively.

Act 8 - A double breasted smooth red mackintosh to make heads turn, with a long cape to protect the precious mackintosh inside.

Mactastic Vol 2

A selection of Mackintoshes and Capes beautifully modelled by Debbie.

Fontaine - A superb, super shiny, soft and swishy surface-proofed black Mackintosh with surface proofing in natural rubber

Tierney - A snug medium-weight single-textured Mackintosh lined in smooth pure rubber. Bottle green cotton with polka-dot design

Kendall - A lovely full-length rubberised nylon-silk Mackintosh
generously cut in a raglan style

Miranda - A lovely waterproof cape for ladies, which is crafted in single textured, rubber lined iridescent cotton bright yarn, in a distinguished shade of old gold

Sheridan - Lightweight and full-length single textured, rubberised nylon silk Mackintosh raincape. A fully fashioned replica of an actual 1950’s design.

A Trip to the Stables...

Frankie has an exciting day ahead of her down at the stables, with her friend Debbie. Deciding to dress especially for the occasion, she wears a cream riding mac – but does she wear it fully belted, or open?

But is the cream mac appropriate? Frankie’s also got a lilac stain, single textured mac, and she can’t resist trying it on. Putting it on inside-out, enjoying the feel of the rubber lining against her clothes

At the stables, Frankie meets up with Debbie, who’s wearing a rare Dutch policeman’s riding mac. Frankie is still in cream, but following Debbie’s example, puts on a black SBR mac. They start brushing down the horse after Frankie’s told off for enjoying her raincoat a little TOO much!

Debbie saddles up her horse and then enjoys a trot around the ring

Frankie sneaks off to a secluded stable, and wearing a gold satin mac, finds the experience all too much. She takes off the mac, and underneath she’s wearing an SBR riding catsuit: feeling more than excited, she plays with herself…

…and then she decides to become Little Red Riding Hood! Wearing a gorgeous red satin cape, she enjoys a full-on sensory experience touching, feeling and smelling the cape, before putting it back on and joining her friend.

Running Time: 50 mins

The Rubber Rituals of Laura

ACT 1: Laura wriggles into a tight transparent second skin by Polymorph. Preparation for the puddles and mud, and those crotch length waders are a delirious must for Act 2

ACT2: The tantalising increases as she further robes herself in an SBR mackintosh by Weather Vain, A gleaming rustling preparation for the ritual mud sloshing that is to come.

ACT3: There is no going back over the bridge which leads to the sea of mud and the so inviting puddles. She is totally protected in her waterproofs, as her waders and rubbers are soiled – splosh splosh splosh amid the rustling and shuddering – just cannot get enough.

ACT4: Laura must now endure the ritual hosing. She completes her second skin with a matching Polymorph helmet mask, and to further enhance she assumes the outer black rubber cover all by Rubber Magic, and to complete with a black rubber SBR waterproof by Shiny Mac.

ACT5: Laura is seen sweeping the fallen leaves. She finds it trying under all those layers, and as a result earns the displeasure of her mistress, who orders her sit fully robed in the shower. She is chastised for daring to sooth her discomfort by soaping her restricted body, earning more displeasure from her mistress. The finale - incarceration in rubber.

Running Time: 50 mins

The Adventures of Laura - Volume 1

Enjoy the garden capers of Laura as she arrives at her friend's empty house wearing her SBR Mackintosh, rubber catsuit and VERY high heeled boots. Realising she's on her own, Laura decides to have a little fun. She takes off her mac to reveal a rubber catsuit, which she buffs until it shines

Listen to Laura breathing heavily as she puts on a rubber mask, and then laces up a pair of beautiful rubber ballet boots. She finds a suspended bar to try out some ballet movements

Wearing another mac, Laura goes outside and enjoys touching the material: underneath she's put on a pair of rubber riding boots. Later that night, tucked up among the rubber sheets, she plays with herself...

Running Time: 41 mins

Mactastic Vol 1

A selection of Mackintoshes and Capes beautifully modelled by Tori. The garments were provided by Hamilton Classics.

Gina - A truly classic lightweight waterproof, cut and finished in rubber lined nylon silk.

Sheridan - Lightweight full-length rubberised nylon silk single textured mackintosh raincape.

Fontaine - A superb, waterproof super shiny, soft and swishy surface-proofed black mackintosh made of natural rubber.

Andress - A very feminine all rubber rain mack. Full button through raglan style with slide belt.

Regina - Opalescent white single-textured waterproof cape with button-on double thickness hood which is lined in grey rubber.

Running Time: 29 mins

Macmerised Volume 1

See the beautiful Laura Lee discover the delightful pleasures of rubber mackintoshes.

Both audio and visual material used in this production are of the highest quality, allowing you, the viewer, to almost touch the fabric. A must-have for the rubber fetishist!

Feedback about our DVDs...

Thanks for the DVD's ( Susies Rubber Fantasy & Eightsome Rubber Reel ), I am delighted with them. As a purist ( ie. not interested in bondage, domination, gas masks, PVC or plastic etc ), I think Susies portrayal of a young lady stimulated by the sensual feel of the garments, is superb. As you say these are certainly the best you have done so far, and more power to your elbow. The next thing for you to consider is how far can you go without being classed as pornographic. I watch with interest and wish you every success. - Dated: 23/11/08

Mactastic Volume 1 (From a member of The Mackintosh Society - Dated: 15/11/07)

Tori is beautiful.  She is like a renaissance painting of a Madonna.  Her dream like expression and slow movements improve enjoyment of the rustling wrinkling mackintosh.  She conveys the impression that she is wearing a mackintosh for her own pleasure and not just modelling it for others to look at. 

The close up sequences of Tori having a love affair with the rubber lining of the hoods must have been orgasmic to film.  It is as if you have been coaching your new model for years.  One could imagine that you wore mackintoshes together when you were flat mates. 

The rubber boots are just right; they are much better than the ones Claudia was wearing in the bondage film.  It is a pity that Tori is wearing ordinary clothes under the macs.  At least her arms and knees are bare to the rubber lining.  I know that you said that you wouldn’t ask the models to have nothing on under the macs but Tori’s business skirt and knitted top spoil what is otherwise a wonderful performance. 

When Claudia and Laura have nothing on under their macs but rubber pants the effect is electric.  An uplifting rubber bra and rubber pants would make all the difference to an old time mackintosh man like myself. A pleasure for me is watching a girl dressing up in mackintosh as in Macmerised 3.  Even better would be two girls dressing each other as in Macmerised 2.  Best would be when they start by putting on rubber bras and pants followed by Macmerised 6 in reverse. 

Red belted mackintosh with hood

Tori did not seem as confident as she is in the other macs.  Perhaps the tapes of the hood should have been pulled tighter before tying the bow.  I liked the way she caressed her bare arms and the tops of her breasts with the rubber lining. 

Without a proper buckle the belt kept working loose and it did not show off her figure to full advantage.  It is a nice rustling mac with an attractive hood but it needs fuller figure than Tori’s to do it justice. 

Grey/black cape with hood

The way Tori uses the arm slits of the cape to pull the mackintosh across her breasts and then smoothes the rubber lining of the hood against her cheek is very sensual.  The close ups of her undoing the buttons and playing with the tapes of the hood are teasing.

Shiny black rubber belted mackintosh

I am not normally very interested in SBR but this one is softer than many.  It helps that the belt has a proper buckle so that it does not work loose as Tori moves and stretches. 

Being buttoned to the neck with the collar turned up and wearing rubber boots emphasises that she is conscious of the effect she is having by wearing rubber on a fine day.  Again the close ups of Tori showing off the buttons and the belt are interesting.

Pink belted latex mackintosh.

The thin rubber of this mackintosh suits Tori but I do not relate to these welded latex macs.  They do not have the same appeal to me as rubber backed satin, taffeta, nylon or even cotton. 

The sound they make is quite nice but is not the same as the mackintoshes I was brought up with.  The stretchy rubber belt helps to emphasise Tori’s figure though and the rubber wraps around her in an attractive way as she crouches down in front of the camera.

White cape with grey rubber lining and hood

Tori made so much better use of the hood than when Claudia wore this beautiful cape in Macmerised 5.  Tori had it properly tied.  Even when she undid the tapes she kept the hood under sensuous control.  I would love to see Tori enjoying a hood like this when she is in a properly belted mackintosh of that material

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